Janus SG Global Trends Index


Diversification is not the same as risk management. That’s why the Janus SG Global Trends Index uses dynamic risk management tools designed to effectively diversify among global stocks, bonds and commodities. Conventional asset allocation typically assumes that stocks are always risky, while bonds are relatively safe- an assumption that doesn’t always hold true. Such asset allocation approaches can over-allocate to bonds in rising interest rate environments, and may not consider the changing return potential of different asset classes over time.

Guided by a rules-based, systematic process, the Janus SG Global Trends Index includes:

  • A risk-weighted basket of ETFs and a proprietary index for diversification across asset classes
  • Components that reflect future interest rate expectations as well as short term return trends
  • A volatility control mechanism that seeks to stabilize index returns by targeting a 5% annualized index volatility

The Janus SG Global Trends Index was co-developed by Janus Henderson and Société Générale. The index is sponsored and calculated by Société Générale and is not subject to oversight by the Janus Henderson Index Committee. The index methodology is provided for education purposes only, and Janus Henderson Indices is not responsible for the content, accuracy or timeliness, nor makes any warranties, express or implied, with regard to third party content or linked websites. Current or prospective investors in any product linked to the index should not use the information provided on this website to inform any investment decision.

Société Générale is not responsible for the content herein, and nothing herein constitutes an offer, solicitation, advice or recommendation to purchase or sell any product which references the Janus SG Global Trends Index. If you are considering investing in a product whose performance is based in whole or in part on the Janus SG Global Trends Index, you should refer to the full offering document for important information concerning such investment, including related risk factors.



Basket of Multi-asset ETFs & a Commodities Index


Volatility Control Mechanism


Resilient Diversification